After 40 years in hiding the Cosmic Cruiser is making a comeback. Artist Ivan Benic has been restoring his 8-wheeled wonder. It was scheduled to make an appearance at the 2020 Ottawa Gatineau International Auto
Show,but then the COVID Crisis hit. So now we bring the Cruiser to you Virtually.
The Cosmic Cruiser is already world famous. In the 80’s and 90’s the show van made appearances at a series of prestigious car and van shows, where it scooped up dozens upon dozens of awards. The Cruiser was also featured in automotive and custom car and van magazine around the globe. The Cruiser has graced the cover of many van magazines, has been the focus of reports in newspapers, and has been featured on television shows like “Ridiculous Rides”, and the “SST CAR SHOW” with Rick Walker. 
Ivan Benic is an artist obsessed with all things automotive. He created the Cruiser by starting with a Chevy Van and then cutting it to add length. It’s now over 33-feet long and over six-feet high. It is enormous weighing over 10-thousand pounds. The Cruiser is a big block powered beast with and engine that pumps out over 400-horsepower.
“It actually cruises down the highway pretty good, and once you’re up to speed the fuel economy ain’t that bad,” boasts Benic. “It’s big and people have seen it all over the world”.
Benic is a fine artist and an automotive artist, and respect for him flows from both art communities. The car and van communities have really embraced him and his work though. His airbrush skills will be on display at the next physcial Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show, where he will be creating original paintings while answering questions from the public at the Shaw Centre,
So when you make your way up to level 3 at the Auto Show hopefully in 2022 don’t worry! That’s not double vision brought on by vertigo, it will be the totally awesome 8-wheeled show van known world wide as the Cosmic Cruiser making a come back with a show stopping debut at the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show.
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